Cold Steel Tactical Folders Online Specials

Time to turn your dream into reality. We know you're gonna want 'em all. So, whip out the plastic and have at it! We'll never tell. You will, though. When your friends and coworkers see what you brought to the table.

Cold Steel Raja II, Grivory Handle, Plain

Cold Steel AK-47 Black G10 Handle
Black Blade

Cold Steel Recon 1 G-10 Handle
Tanto Point and Black Blade

Cold Steel American Lawman G-10 Handle
Black Blade

Cold Steel Spartan Grivory Handle

Cold Steel 6" Ti-Lite
Zytel Handle

Cold Steel Hold Out II
4" Plain

Cold Steel Counter Point II

There is only one proper way to complete this presentation of Cold Steel Tactical Folding Knives and that's with the Cold Steel Legendary Espada Series. If you've seen the videos, you'll know why the Espada Series is by far the most sought after.

Like the swords of old, the Espada’s are not for the weak, timid, faint of heart or those desiring another spring assisted play toy. Just pick one up and you’ll see what we mean! Definitely not politically correct, they are huge yet surprisingly well balanced and feature dramatically upswept clip point blades that are ideal for cutting, slashing and piercing. Made from vacuum heat-treated and sub-zero quenched Japanese 8A stainless steel and hollow ground to a thin, razor sharp edge, they will cleave through just about any obstacle or target in their path.

To make your hand the real master of these awesome blades we have paired them with state of the art pistol grip handles. Strongly curved and equipped with multiple finger grooves and even a sub-hilt in the two larger models, they work perfectly in either a forward or reverse grip while offering unprecedented retention and reach through multiple grip extension options.

Ready for our version of "Let's Make A Deal?" Choose any one of the three below or jump in with both feet and check out our Exclusive Cold Steel Productions Espada Package. Never done by anyone anywhere!

Cold Steel Espada (Medium)

Cold Steel Espada (Large)

Cold Steel Espada (Ex-Large)

Exclusive Cold Steel Productions
Espada Package

Above is the complete Cold Steel Espada Series. Not only is it the ultimate collector's set, each Espada is unsurpassed and unprecedented when it comes to contruction, usage, reliability, opening speed and highly polished immaculate appearance. But, there's more.

Beyond the insane low price for the entire series, there remains two FREE Cold Steel products which shall be provided to those who take the bull by the horns when they click the button below and purchase the entire Cold Steel Espada Series for the ridiculously low price of . . .