Cold Steel Night Shade Series

For a serious operative, when a checkpoint involves metal detection, the decision to
surrender one's weapon means going into a situation unprotected and unprepared.
This is when the Cold Steel Nightshade Series becomes your saving grace."

Years ago, scientists began experimenting with various composites that would be as strong and resilient as steel. Impossible? Not quite. They eventually came upon a combination that would result in the manufacture of automobile bodies, armor plate and other products which needed the strength of steel at half the weight. It didn't take long for different industries to see this and incorporate it. Their own engineers studied the composition of this material. 

The engineers and development staff at Cold Steel saw a need and now, with these new plateaus finally reached, they could push the envelope even more to develop a series of knives as tough, reliable and razor sharp as their steel counterparts. At half the weight and with no metal or steel of any kind that could potentially create a serious dilemma for domestic and overseas operatives. 

As you can see, the Cold Steel Nightshade Series are not trainers. They
are fully capable of providing you with the same Cold Steel reliability and
toughness you've come to expect. No Compromise.

Thus became the infamous Cold Steel Nightshade Series. One of the most unique features of these knives is their handles. They are made from deeply checkered Kraton that has been molded directly to the blade tangs. The use of Kraton in knife handles is a Cold Steel innovation that dates back to the early 1980’s. It has been readily copied by most of our competitors because it offers a superior, slightly tacky gripping surface that is unaffected by heat, cold, or moisture. It never rusts, warps, cracks or splits even in the most extreme environments.

The Ultimate Covert Operations weapon you can count on at home, the
Middle East or anywhere your life takes you.
Cold Steel Nightshade™ knives are light enough to be tied, tucked, or taped just about anywhere on one’s person. And, since they are impervious to heat, cold, moisture and extreme weather they are a natural to hide both inside and outside your house. They can be hidden virtually everywhere from the hedges and flowerpots in your yard, to the refrigerator, bookshelves, and closets in your house. Keep one in every room of the house, from the laundry room to the bathroom shower! With violent home invasions on the rise a strategically placed Nightshade™ could save the day, and even your life.

As an added incentive, after you review the complete Cold Steel Nightshades Series, we bring you a product video straight from Cold Steel. Proving to you and any possible skeptics that the Nightshade Series is fully capable of the penetration, cutting power and reliability that will get you through the badlands and then some!

Cold Steel FGX Karambit

Cold Steel FGX Skean Dhu
with Kraton Handle

Cold Steel FGX Boot Blade I
Kraton Handle



Cold Steel FGX Push Blade I

Cold Steel FGX CAT Tanto
Kraton Handle

As with all Nightshade Series products, this next and final selection was designed
and constructed as a last ditch emergency defense weapon. In that capacity, it excels
not just in its ability to fill that role but in appearance as well.

Precision manufactured at great expense, it has the innocuous appearance of a simple hairbrush, but the fully functional brush also acts as a sheath that conceals a highly effective stiletto dagger! The 3 1/2" long dagger has a 1/2" thick cruciform cross section and tapers to a needle like point, while the superbly designed handle is designed to facilitate almost any gripping method. For the ultimate in strength and stiffness, the Honey Comb's cruciform dagger has been precision injection molded from Zytel® a tough, stiff nylon and fiberglass composite that contains no metal and is impervious to the elements.

With its innocent appearance and usefulness both as a dagger and a hairbrush, the Honey Comb is the all around answer to personal defense at home at work or overseas. As a hairbrush it's particularly appropriate in glove compartments, travel luggage, or a woman's handbag and will look perfectly natural in virtually any environment. Its light weight, and effectiveness make it an ideal self-defense weapon especially for women. It's a great value for the money and is easily appropriate gift for Christmas, birthdays or graduations.

As a side note, this particular Cold Steel product fits the bill when even the mere appearance of a weapon would set off red flags with the wrong people. In overseas intelligence applications, it fits the needs of operatives who see the need for a serious defensive weapon and yet must at all times maintain the appearance of a quiet diplomat. This is as true domestically for those who feel the need for a defense-oriented weapon which at no time raises an eyebrow. Until you need it.

Cold Steel Honey Comb Hairbrush

As indicated above, take a few minutes and watch the Cold Steel product video
on the Nightshade Series keeping in mind the sole intended purpose for any of
hese products. Low Profile last ditch emergency self-defense weapons. This is
the intended purpose for all of the Nightshade Series.